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Pet Sitting

Additional Services


We understand that a lot goes into taking care of your pet, and while you may or may not be going out of town, sometimes you need an extra hand with the day-to-day responsibilities. Every animal has unique needs for their care; we specialize in senior pet care.  Call us for any of the following pet services.

Enrichment can significantly improve the lives of animals. Anxiety, aggression, destruction, eliminate problems and more can occur due to lack of mental or physical simulation. As professional pet care providers, our services are often employed to help deal with or prevent such issues by providing enrichment through social visits and exercise.

We have the unique opportunity to make a real impact on the quality of life for pets. 

Cat Sitting

Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking and More

 15 mins.         $15

30 mins.         $22

45 mins.         $30

60 mins.         $38

($5 extra per visit, per pet above 2 pets)

Pet Taxi

$20 one-way

Does your pet need to go to the Vet but don’t want to leave him there ALL day? Does your pet want a play date or go to day camp? Don't want to leave your pet at the groomers ALL day? We pick up and drop off for you. It’s very important to transport your pet safely, using the proper pet seat belts.  We ensure they will have a safe ride with us.


It’s important for your pet to have a clean toilet area. A clean toilet means a lower risk of stepping in it, then bringing it into your home. It’s also better for the yard and the grass to be DOO-T FREE. We care about pets, your property and home.

SMALL YARD:       $30


LARGE YARD        $50

Pet Supplies Store Run

$40 plus the receipt amount

We'll go to your preferred pet store and shop for your pets. We can help with what you need: 

  •                                 toys

  •                                 food

  •                             supplies

  •                                 tools

  •                            and more

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