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Two French Bulldogs

For The Puppies

Puppy Play

Pre-School for Dog (puppy school)

This group class is for puppies 8-16 weeks

(classes available weekdays and weekend)

Classes are structured as a 4-week continuous ongoing course designed to enroll on a per-class basis.

Getting your pup ready for our human world is critical to your pups well-being and can be a difficult and daunting task. We're here to help!

Your pups prime window ends at 16 weeks old, don't delay!

​You and your pup will learn:

  • How to create confidence

  • Potty training and crate training

  • How to develop and KEEP a trusting and relationship with your pup

  • How to curve the nipping and biting

  • How to socialize them to the top 12 life categories

  • Puppy play time

  • How to keep them out of trouble

$50 per single class

Puppy in Red Cushion

Puppy Day School

Who is this for?

Pet parents who want to set their pups up for success. For pups 6 months and younger

This is NOT Puppy Day Care


Partnering with Graceful Touch: Canine Training & Rehabilitation 

  • Are you realizing that puppies are hard work?

  • Do you find yourself running out of time for them?

  • Are you needing a break from them?

  • Are you struggling to know how to lay the right foundations?

This program is perfect for you if you said yes to any of the above questions


This program runs in 1/2 days or full days, 1-2 days a week. Drop your pup off at the Canine Activity Center and we do the work for you in a safe and positive environment.


Puppy Day School is designed to set you and your pup up for a lifetime of success.

  • Create Foundation Skills

  • Safely and Properly Socialize your pup to the 12 categories of socialization including calm and respectful group play

  • Field Trips and Engagement

  • Enrichment Activities 

  • Confidence Building

  • Communication Skills

  • Basic Training

dogs in sweater

Puppy Play Dates

For Puppies 8-16 weeks only

This age is a critical time frame for puppy play and interaction. A well socialized dog is the key to success.

Take advantage of a great opportunity for your puppy to learn how to greet politely and have structured play. Nobody likes a dog that plays too rough.

Come and ask puppy questions, learn how to create confidence and create foundation skill sets. 

Puppy play sessions are in 1 hour blocks but the play should not exceed more than 30 mins as it can become too overwhelming for the puppy. 

Play session will be cancelled and refunded if less than 3 puppies.


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