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Two French Bulldogs

For The Puppies

Puppy Play

Puppy Pre-School

This group class is for puppies 8-16 weeks

(classes available weekdays and weekend)

There are 12 different categories to socialize your dog to. This is split across a 4-week segments. These are continuous ongoing course designed to enroll on a per-class basis.

Getting your pup ready for our human world is critical to your pups well-being and can be a difficult and daunting task. We're here to help!

Your pups prime window ends at 16 weeks old, don't delay!

Classes are indoors in a safe, clean and controlled environment.

​You and your pup will learn:

  • How to create confidence

  • Potty training and crate training

  • How to develop and KEEP a trusting and relationship with your pup

  • How to curve the nipping and biting

  • How to socialize them to the top 12 life categories

  • Puppy play time

  • How to keep them out of trouble

$50 per single class

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