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Dog Contest

Professional and Certified Dog Training

All Fur Pets help busy people and their dogs communicate more effectively with each other to solve everyday behavioral issues and live well together

Dog's cognition, emotions and ability to learn is very similar to that of a 3 year old.
Science has shown us that if we teach dogs in the same way as a child, the dogs make faster and more successful progress than traditional methods involving force, bribery and submission. This leads to dogs being confident, educated and able to control their behavior by themselves. This results in a happier and safer dog.
All Fur Pets approach and goal is based on teaching pet parents how to build a solid relationship with their dog based on trust. We're focused on providing quality training with an emphasis on fun and building the relationship between dog and owner. While reward-based training has been used for many years, All Fur Pets creates easy-to-follow training plans designed for success. 

All Fur Pets: We teach dogs and train humans


Black Dog


Choose any 4 classes per month from the following list: (also available in single classes)


* FUN-gility

* Trick class

* Sniff N search

* Gamers

* Confidence 

* Manners

* Impulse control 

* Out N about 


All classes come in a variety of levels so you’ll never repeat the same class, you will have the opportunity to continue to build and grow the skill set.

** Membership is a 3 month minimum

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