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When iSpeak dog, they listen


Jacksonville's Premier Certified Dog Training & Canine Activity Center

Learn how to effectively communicate with your dog!​​

Knowing how to communicate with your pet can be life saving. Both your life and your pets life will be thriving, enriched and full of purpose. With our positive reinforcement (force-free) training programs, you and your pet will learn the RIGHT way of developing the skills you both need. Training is an excellent step in your relationship with your dog. This is a great way to build a foundation of skills that will benefit both you and your dog for a lifetime of success.

The majority of dog trainers use outdated methods relying on intimidation, fear and force along with other ineffective methods.

Science has proven that consistent guidance, meeting your dogs's needs, and unconditional provision of choice is truly the best method in dog training. All Fur Pets trains YOU how to teach your dog and communicate in an easy and fun way.

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Did you know?

Unfortunately, the pet industry in an unregulated industry. This means, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Credentials are not required.

Your dog deserves the best, we encourage you to ask your pet professional your questions, know the answer and red flags to avoid.

Not sure what to ask? Click here for a list of questions and what answers to look for.

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