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Sleeping Dogs

In-home Boarding

Well behaved dogs that are not fit for a boarding facility

We are a husband and wife team with 3 senior dogs. We are both very experienced in caring for dogs, communicating with them, and reading their body language. We know how to understand their needs and wants, and we make an excellent team together. 


What is in-home boarding?

Your dog lives in my home while you’re away and receives rockstar treatment as if it were my own.

  • Hangs out on my lap

  • Hangs out on the couch

  • Sleeps in bed with me or wherever they choose

  • Fenced in backyard


What does this include?

  • Medicine administration if needed

  • Daily walks if desired

  • Unlimited lap time, play time, and cuddle time

  • Lots of personalized updates

  • Lots of love–no more than 3 dog guests allowed at any one time

  • Your dog is living with a licensed and certified positive reinforcement dog trainer who specializes in senior pet care


Some restrictions apply

call/text to learn more, inquire within

Board and Train available
Dog Lover

Private Play Dates

Who is this service for?

Dogs that are reactive or not dog friendly. Dogs that live in small space and simply want off-leash play time

This is a GREAT way to allow your dog to have off-leash play in a controlled and indoor environment.

The advantages of a dog park are simple and powerful. Dog parks provide a safe space in which people can exercise their dogs, and watch them play. 

  • This is an indoor activity

  • You dog stays clean :)

  • The playtime is in a controlled environment 

  • Registration process:

  • Filling out canine information

  • Sign the waiver and park rules

  • Pay for them

  • Provide vaccine records by texting a photo of it to (904) 478-1798

$25 per dog per hour

Dogs with Dog Walker

Custom No-Pull Harness Fittings

Who is this service for?

Dogs that are reactive. Dogs that pull on a leash. Dogs that don't have walking manners.

Do you NEED help controlling a situation? Do you need help with your pulling dog? Are you overwhelmed with so many harnesses on the market?

  • This INCLUDES:

  • the harness that you chooose

  • try on all 6 of our favorite no-pull harness and take them for a spin​

  • a custom lesson in leash handling skills

  • the time of the session


Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 3.59.54 PM.png


Who is this service for?


 Why take a canine body language class? 

  • Prevent a dog bite, save a life!

  • Prevention from picking up bad behaviors from other dogs

  • Be your dogs advocate

  • Recognize when your dog is uncomfortable

Canine's speak the same language internationally. Everyone can learn to understand this international language.

  • A wagging tail does not always mean a happy tail. Learn how to read the whole body.

  • You will learn what your dog is communicating so you can be proactive in their lives. 

  • You will learn what to do and how to do it when you do see certain body language signs.

  • Learn dog-dog interactions and dog-child interactions

  • (no dogs, bring your own chair)

$5, $10, $20

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